Sunday, January 29, 2017

Special Delivery............

So far within my career performing and teaching professionally, I've come across many young and even some older musicians who have a habit of making excuses. These excuses then transform into negative energy in which leak into the practice room, during lessons or even on the actual bandstand.  Then these musicians wonder why they don’t get rehired or recommended for other opportunities.
I’m here to say this: Stop it. Stop making excuses.
It all comes down to constant delivery, no matter what is taking place physically, mentally, or emotionally. No one cares how you feel. No one cares how your chops feel, how your hands feel, how your fingers or feet feel. No one cares that your voice is harsh or you had nothing to eat the entire day or you had a rough night the night before. No one cares how much playing you have done the day before or how much playing you have done hours before the "gig" and hours you need to play after the "gig". Stop making excuses. All anyone cares about is the delivery. Once again, no one cares if you messed up a lick or if you completely nailed a lick. No one cares about the meter or key, how fast or slow a piece of music is or how high or low a piece of music is. No one cares.
Everyone has bad days. The key is making your bad days, good days. Your good days, great days. And your great days, phenomenal days.
Always put the music first, focus on the essence of your sound and constantly surround yourself with positive energy. If you do this, all will fall into place.

Deliver...and May the Force be with You.